DS 101
...the beginners guide to Due South
Pay attention...there will be a quiz.

*Warning...spoilers for Juliet Is Bleeding and I Coulda Been A Defendant. Also contains my opinions.

Let's get this show on the road then...

Constable Benton Fraser, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and his deaf half-wolf Diefenbaker, first came to Chicago on the trail of his father's killers. In the process, he upset the entirety of Canada and is now attached as liason officer with the Canadian consulate. I should also mention that his deceased father has a bad habit of...well appearing to Benton as a ghost. Yep, I said ghost!

Anyhow, Fraser's straight-laced personality frequently irks his boss at the consulate, Inspector Meg Thatcher. (A.k.a. "The Dragon Lady." a not-so-flattering nickname given by Detective Vecchio)

While in Chicago, Fraser became friends (and *unofficial* partners) with Detective Ray Vecchio. Vecchio is a tough-guy...and a darn good dresser. That fact earned him the nickname "Detective Armani" at the 27th precinct.

Lieutenant Harding Welsh is the even tempered commanding officer at the 27th. Other officers include Detectives Jack Huey and Louis Gardino, often found antagonizing Vecchio. During the second season, Gardino is killed and eventually Detective Thomas Dewey becomes Huey's partner.

Elaine Besbriss is the underappreciated Civilian Aid employee. In the third season she graduates from the police academy and is replaced by "the most qualified applicant," Francesca Vecchio.

Ray has a younger sister, Francesca, who is often drooling over, flirting with, pawing at, and on occasion attempting to seduce Fraser. Generally without luck.

In the third season, Ray unexpectedly is put undercover by the "Feds" and not allowed to tell Fraser. Because Ray is under deep cover, the department finds another cop to take his place. Enter Stanley "Raymond" Kowalski. Stanley, or Ray as he is known to everyone at the 27th precinct is just about the direct opposite of Fraser as you can get. He described himself as sloppy or lazy...I can't remember. He most certainly is, however a smart alek and a pretty good cop.

Did that help any?? Sorry if it didn't! Hey, it's late any I'm taking Nyquil. The Nyquil alone should redeem my writing! =)

Constable Benton Fraser Detective Ray Vecchio Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski Diefenbaker
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